Alternate God Tier

It seems that you have died on your Quest Bed, whether of your own schemes or by the malevolent adversaries you face in your session. You merge with your dreamself, and become a master of your Aspect. You are the master, it’s you.

There are several benefits to ascending to God-Tier. The first of these is acquiring more powerful Aspect powers, which replace your original Aspect powers. Next, you gain a +2 attribute bonus to your Aspect Attribute. You gain Fly(Speed 8(Hover)), with no penalties. You gain a Ascended Armament, a supreme weapon which is affected by your Ascended Aspect’s weapon traits. You also wear the Godhood.

However, you also have a few penalties. Namely, your transition to your Dreamselves’ body means that you left behind most of your alchemy cards and your sylladex, and even if you discover replacements or copies of your original gear your reduced reliance on such items makes you far less likely to utilize them in battle. You have a reduced Hand Size (Sylladex hand size = 3). When you draw into your Sylladex, you may only draw a card from your Alchemy deck on a d10 roll of 6+.

Ascended Aspects(Canon)
God-Tier Blood
God-Tier Breath
God-Tier Doom
God-Tier Heart
God-Tier Hope
God-Tier Life
God-Tier Light
God-Tier Mind
God-Tier Rage
God-Tier Space
God-Tier Time
God-Tier Void

Alternate God Tier

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