CT Denizen Test

Players may make a level 8 character to test the denizens with the following rules:

  • Must be level 8
  • Must use the Human exclusive template
  • May use no more then 1 common template (Destiny Weapons allowed)
  • May be of any class
  • May be of any aspect
  • May not take a pact.
  • Must select 1 common card for each level (May not select gristtorrent.exe)
  • Must make an alchemy for levels 2-8
  • May use any alchemy trait from alchemy common cards, as long as the alchemy level is higher then the one where the card was selected.
  • Must make a hand of 4 cards from their common cards, items, and weapon and armor powers. Players may choose which cards are in their hand, and do not have to roll or draw for them.

If you wish to be part of the playtest, create a character sheet on obsidian portal using the EXAMPLE as a guide, and add it along with your chumtag to the list below:


CT Denizen Test

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