Enraged Denizen

Enraged Denizen, Huge Level 8 Solo Brute
HP 400 (200 Bloodied)
AC 24; Re:20, Fort:22, Will:19
Speed 6, Initiative +8

Momentum – Add Hit:Target is knocked prone to any charge attack the Denizen makes.

Pulverize – (Standard Action – At-will, Basic attack)
Melee 2. Target:One enemy in range.
Attack: 13 vs. AC. Hit: 2d85 damage, and the target suffers -2 to AC until the end of its next turn.

Throw – (Minor Action – At-will)
Melee 2. Target:One enemy in range.
Attack: 12 vs. AC. Hit: 1d105 damage, and you may push the target up to three spaces.

Massacre – (Standard Action – Recharge |4||5||6|)
Close Burst 2. Target: All enemies in range.
Hit: 15 vs. AC. Hit: 2d67 damage, and the target suffers ongoing damage 5(save ends).

Final Flip Out – (No Action – Recharge, Worldbreaker)
Effect:Remove all dazed, stunned, immobilized, and unconscious conditions from this monster. The ground cracks and ruptures as the Denizen flips the fuck out. All spaces within Burst 5 of the Denizen count as Dangerous Terrain while this effect is active. While this ability is active, the Enraged Denizen ignores all Difficult and Dangerous terrain effects. The Enraged Denizen gets an additional Standard Action after using this ability. This ability ends after three turns.
Special: This ability recharges when the Denizen is reduced to 200 Hit Points, and later at 100 Hit Points. This ability may only be used after the Denizen has been reduced past 300 Hit Points.

Rupturing Stomp – (Standard Action – At-will, Final Flip Out)
Close Blast 5 or Area Burst 2 in Range 10. Target: All enemies in burst or blast.
Effect: The Players must pass a DC 24 Athletics or Acrobatics skill check or take 2d8+7 damage and fall prone.

Raging Charge – (Standard Action – At-will, Final Flip Out)
Effect: The Denizen may move up to twice his speed, and this movement may be made through enemy’s spaces. The Denizen gets a 1 bonus to all defenses against Opportunity attacks during this movement. The Enraged Denizen must end its movement in an unoccupied space. When entering an enemy space, the Denizen may make the following attack against that enemy:
+16 vs. AC. Hit: 2d8
7 damage, and the target is dazed until the end of their next turn.

Final Flip Out Skill Checks
Athletics/Acrobatics DC 21(27) – During this Final Flip Out, the dangerous terrain counts as difficult(normal) terrain for this player.

Enraged Denizen

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