God-Tier Breath

As a God-Tier Breath character, you now have gathered a new set of abilities, a new Brutal Affront, and a new trait.

You have a +2 to your Acumen Attribute. You gain a +6 to your Athletics skill rolls.

Your Ascended Armament gains the Swift, Warning, and Breeze weapons traits.(You gain +1 to your movement. You gain +4 to your Initiative rolls. Target is pushed 2 spaces, and allies can make Opportunity Attacks against this enemy)

You gain the following Aspect Traits and Brutal Affront:
Lucky Fall – You never take falling damage, regardless of distance. You may still end up prone on a failed Acrobatics check.
Unfettered – Whenever you are slowed or immobilized by an attack or effect, you may make an immediate saving throw. If you pass the saving throw you are no longer affected by the slow or immobilize condition, though any other effects still apply.
Be the Wind-You may shift two spaces as a minor action once per turn.
Brutal Affront(God Tier):The Windy Thing: Close Burst 2 of the targeted enemy, all enemies within the burst suffer 1d10 damage and are pushed out of the burst area. (Grave Blunder: Close burst 2 centered on you, you and all allies within the burst suffer 1d10 damage and are pushed out of the burst area.)

You gain the following Boon(God-Tier):
Swift as the Wind-Minor Action, Recharge, Personal
Effect:You gain +4 Speed,may not be targeted by OAs and may not be knocked prone. You must use a Minor action to sustain the Boon.

You gain both of the following Aggrievements(God-Tier):
Lifdoff-Standard Action, At-Will, Burst 1 in Range or Close Burst 2
Target:1, 2, or 3 Enemies in Burst
Attack:Acu+Level+Precision vs Reflex
Hit:1[W]+Acu+Level, Slide 2
Miss:Slide 1

Zephyr-Minor Action, At Will, Ranged-kind
Target:1 or 2 creatures in Range
Attack:Acu+Level+Precision vs Reflex
Hit:1[W]-4, Slide 2
Effect:You may only use the power once per turn.

You gain one of the following Fraymotifs(God-Tier):
Cyclon-Air-Encounter Power, Standard Action, Area Burst 2 in Range 10
Target:Enemies in Burst
Attack:Acumen+Level+Precision vs Reflex
Effect:Creates a zone of Burst 2 from the origin square. If anyone is within the zone at the start of their turn, you may Slide them 2 Spaces and the enemy suffers 1d6 damage. The zone persists until the end of your next turn, and may be moved again six squares at the start of your turn as a free action. Any enemy that the zone passes suffers 1d6 damage and may be slid 2 spaces.

Hurri-pain-Encounter Power, Standard Action, Burst 4 in Range 10
Target:Enemies in Burst
Attack:Acumen+Level+Precision vs Reflex
Hit:3d6+Acumen+Level, Slowed, Push 2.

God-Tier Breath

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