God Tier (original)


-Gain Fly speed 8 (hover), with no penalties.
-If you already had the Flight template, you gain Fly Speed 10 (hover) and have an additional +1 to Armor Class whenever you are hovering, however you retain any other prior penalties from flight. Alternatively you may discard your old flight abilities and simply take the first bonus. Couldn’t they just keep both movement modes?

-Attribute Bonuses – You may apply a permanent +2 bonus to the primary attribute of your Aspect and one other attribute of your choice that is currently 14 or less.

-Skill Bonus – A new skill category is created for every God Tier player once they ascend. The new skill modifier total is based on their highest attribute score + level + 1, and it’s name is any agreed-upon derivation between the player and game-master with a relation to their ASPECT. For example: the God-tier Light player’s skill might be called “All of the Luck,” while a God-Tier Breath player’s skill could be simply “The Windy Thing.” The player may declare that they are using their God-tier skill in place of another skill to tackle a challenge or alter a situation. The GM has final control of whether any requested application is a valid usage of the God-Tier skill. The Skill may not be used to directly attack or hinder enemies in combat, however it may be used to radically alter the circumstances of a battle.

-Your transition to your Dreamselves’ body means that you left behind most of your alchemy cards and your sylladex, and even if you discover replacements or copies of your original gear your reduced reliance on such items makes you far less likely to utilize them in battle. You have a reduced Hand Size (Sylladex hand size = 3). When you draw into your Sylladex, you may only draw a card from your Alchemy deck on a d10 roll of 6+.

-God Tier players no longer have ANY collectible traits that they have previously accrued through Alchemy. Even if they were to draw old Collectible alchemy cards, they do not gain the Collectible traits from them and may only use Weapons/Armor on the cards through the Card’s Power. Instead, they now have the following replacement Collectible traits:
Weapon of the Gods: Whether pure energy-like manifestations of your Aspect, some sort of legendary weapon acquired through non-alchemical means, or simply raw deific strength fueling your attacks, you no longer depend on “conventional” weaponry as lesser players in the game of Skaia know of them. The Weapon of the Gods is a one-handed weapon that uses any ability score you choose for attack and damage, has a +3 accuracy bonus, 2d12 base damage, +2 to the roll to confirm critical hits, and +1d10 critical damage in addition to whatever effects granted by your class and aspect. Whenever required, as a free action you may declare your Weapon of the Gods to be either a Melee or Ranged (10) weapon.
GodHood: Your godhood(ie), in addition to being impossibly cool-looking and always flowing in dramatic fashion no matter what angle it is viewed from, is in fact a potent defensive article. The Godhood grants you +15 hit points, is either Heavy or Light Armor (your choice) with all normal bonuses, and once per battle when you either die or roll a Death Saving throw, you may use a Free action to revive with your Bloodied HP value. You immediately stand up.
-Powers: In addition to your Weapon of the Gods,
-5 points(?)
-Use Alchemy point costs or remake it all? (add GT-only power qualities if former)
-Savant bonuses?

-You do not gain any alchemy points for Level 10, and may not alchemize any new cards even if you could gain points from another source.

God Tier (original)

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