Aspect – Haze
Alternative Aspects: Shadows, Illusions, Darkness, Dusk

A master of illusions… BLUH BLUH BLUH FLUFF.

Attribute: Pulchritude
Skill Bonus: Pierce the Illusions - +4 to Perception
Traits(lvl4): Shroud of Fear - Once per encounter, you may use a standard action to generate the following effect (Sustain, minor): whenever an enemy attacks you, roll 1d10 as an immediate reaction. If the result is 5 or less, the attacking enemy is Immobilized until the end of their next turn.
Mistifying Circumstances - When you have cover/concealment, allies within 3 squares get +1 to all defenses.
Brutal Affront(lvl 6): Dark Cloud - Your attack deals 1d6 extra damage and you gain concealment until the end of your next turn. (Grave Blunder: You take 1d8 damage and enemies within 2 squares gain concealment until the end of your next turn.)

Boon (lvl 7), gain the following power:
All a Lie
Immediate interrupt – recharge, Close Burst 5
target: you or an ally in burst
trigger: target would be bloodied by an attack
Effect: target may teleport 3 spaces in the direction of their choice and you may take a standard action.

Aggrievement, you may choose between this and another from your class (Lvl 8):
False Image
At-will – Move action, Close burst 3
Target: one space in burst
Effect: You create a False Image in the target space. The False Image acts in the initiative order directly after you, but may only take up to two move actions, which it can only use to move or shift. In addition, it must move within 3 spaces of you. It shares your statistics, but has only 1 HP. While it exists and is within three spaces of you, you have concealment. The False Image disappears when it drops to 0 hit points, you are hit, when the encounter is over, or if it ends it’s turn and is not within three spaces of you.
Note: You may only create one False Image at a time

Fraymotif (Lvl 9), Gain the following power:
Dream Zone
Standard – Encounter, Area burst 1 within 10 squares
Effect: Create a zone in burst 1 until the end of your next turn. Once per round, if an enemy willingly leaves this zone, they take 2d8 damage. Make the following attack against any enemy who starts their turn in the zone:
Attack: Pul + Level + 2 VS. Will
Hit: Target is immobilized and grants Combat Advantage until the beginning of it’s next turn.
Sustain(Move): The zone persists for another round.


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