Prototype Templates

By putting an item into your Kernelsprite, you have involuntarily helped the Underlings in the game step up a notch in their skill. Bluh bluh copypaste prototype section stuff into here.

Secret Agent(Lurker Prototpye, Tier 2)
Great job prototyping that spy movie! Now all these smug assholes think they can prance about in their suits seducing the other players. Better watch out though, these guys still have a License to Kill…

Defense Modifier – The Underling gains +1 to Will and Reflex, and a -1 to AC.
Speed Modifier – The Underling gains a +1 to Speed.
Skill Bonus – The Underling gains a Level + 8 to Athletics and Stealth.
Throat Strike – This ability modifies an Underlings Basic Attack. The Underling gains +1 to attack and +1d6 to damage rolls. If the target grants combat advanatge, this is increased to +2 and the target is dazed on a hit.
License to Kill – Whenever this Underling hits an enemy with a Basic Attack, he may immediately use the Walter PPK attack, without provoking an OA.
Silenced Pistol – (Standard Action – At-will)
Range 5. +5 vs Reflex. Hit: 1d10 + 6 damage, 2d6 + 8 if the target grants CA.

God-king(Soldier/Brute/Controller Prototyping, Tier 3)
This session has been a breeze since you prototyped that miniature and gave all those stupid imps near omnipotent power. It’s hard enough to fight Ogres as it is, but how are we supposed to fight something that knows no fear?

Defense Modifier – This Underling gains + 2 to AC and Will, and +1 to Reflex and Fort.
Health Modifer- This Underling gains +8 HP, and +4 HP each level.
Psychic Dominance[Aura 3] – All enemies in the Aura suffer a cumulative -1 to Will and attack for as long as they are within the aura.
Divine Shield – This Underling has Resist 3 against all attacks that target AC and Will.
Mental Massacre – This ability modifies an Underling’s Basic Attack. This Underling’s attacks target Will, and deal 1d12 + level extra damage on a hit.
For the King! – (Minor Action – At-will)
Range 5. Effect: Target ally gains +2 to attack, damage, AC and Will until the end of his next turn.
Dooming Retribution – (Immediate Reaction(reduced to 0 HP) – Encounter)
Target:Creature which reduced this Underling to 0HP. + 10 vs Will. Hit:3d6 + level damage, and the target is stunned until the end of their next turn.

Prototype Templates

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